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Emma Sulkowicz is on the cover of this month’s New York Magazine and that is the coolest thing wow

DUUUUDE this is a huge fucking deal honestly
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Look at me.  I am the son of a great man.  A goddess was my mother.  Yet death and inexorable destiny are waiting for me.


I have waited tables. I’ve worked in bars. You know who tips well? The working poor, the lower middle class, and people who work or have worked in service industries. You know who tips shitty or not at all? Rich people, upper middle class people, and privileged fuckers who use their “moral opposition” to tipping to be cheap assholes. 

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her lips r to die for
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Happiest of Sundays to you both. This was taken a few days ago and it sorta took on the symbol of turning my back on the past and moving forward. I’ve been doused with a bout of loneliness recently, but I’m reminded that I’m way better off without the negative influences in my life. Even if it means being lonely for a little while- I’d rather be alone and wait for someone special than settle while I’m lonely. Take care. -sexsvmbol

I think you’re doing it the right way, there is no need to rush into relationships and the more you focus on yourself the better person you’ll become and I think that’s with some loneliness. Thanks for sharing your sexy strip tease submission, I really like the brain in your hair.